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Mar 18, 2008

New blogger-- you may get some ideas !

A new honest blogger has taken birth today in the bloggers' world. Three or four months ago, I thought to create my own blog. I had also thought and planned many times in last two or three years but idea was never implemented. First of all, I can say that you may have great ideas but it is of no value if an idea is not implemented. So, an idea in action is worthwhile. Smarter people are those who don't waste time in just thinking. They are getting ideas from different sources and implementing to develop themselves.

Almost 25 years ago, I read a story in a great book-HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie. The story in brief is like this.

There were two friends standing and talking on the shore of the sea as Gate way of India in Mumbai.When they were there, one friend told to another about a pirate ( some old wealth as gold etc.) on an island in the sea. Next to them, a person was standing, he listened what the two friends were talking. It was evening, the friends decided to go to the island to find the pirate next morning. The third person who was listening their talk, had a habit of taking immediate action , if he liked the idea. As the two friends left for their houses, he started moving towards the island. He got everything and the friends took action next morning,when they reached to the island, they had nothing to get. In fact, they had missed the chance for the life time.

Coming back to the point, it can be said that if you want to be successful blogger. You have to be a man of action. In simple way, I can say that many people start many things but a few finish till the end. As a blogger, if you want to share your knowledge and experience with the world or you want to make money by writing your thoughts.There are going to be some problems. You are to learn to make the ways and you need to be consistent, persistent and patient.

You need to keep on learning, thinking, organizing and presenting in your style in simple language. Basically, you have to love writing. If you want to write or even need to develop in writing skills, you are welcome in blogging world.

As a blogger, your basic need is the idea and knowledge to write your post. Let us take my personal case, what options, I have when I have to look for the material for writing. First of all, I should enjoy writing on my choice topic. I should feel, think and start writing.I need to love my topic in real. I can emphatically tell you that when you have passion to write, your knowledge, experience and mental alertness come to help you. Your mind really takes the responsibility to do the best possible to make you write well.

Now, O.K., even then you need to work for the material further. Go to technorati and search other blogs. Go to wired, search some articles and blogs. You should not forget, if you are on blogger platform or some other blogging platform, go and search on that blogging platform. Google is really very powerful to take care for your such a small problem. Answers at yahoo, can also help. A really good way for getting the solution of your content problem - you can't forget to Wikipedia. you can also go to anther Wikipedia like solution or - open directory., like some other sites may be helpful, and you can also come back repeatedly to
Idea or material can never be real problem, the problem is that if you are doubtful- you think you can or can't. If you have taken the decision to develop in the blogging world, you are going to face and solve many problems. Ultimately, the solution of most of the your problem is one : Just plan to join some forums as Go and search forums with different objectives, you are going to find hundreds of forums to listen and answer your questions. Great thing is that forums and active members in different forums are having solutions of all the problems on the Internet .

Good Luck to all the budding bloggers, last but not the least, take a firm decision to continue and develop as a blogger, whole the world is here to help you. Tomorrow, you will be helping others learn and develop.

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